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Training Materials Template


We have developed a variety of templates that can be used to simplify the development of training materials. Below is an example of a dialog box that can be developed to list the normal forms or training material documents that your staff works on a day-to-day basis.

Training Materials Templates

This dialog box can be opened by clicking on a button on your toolbar in Word. There, you select which document you wish to open and work on. By clicking "OK", the template is opened with a specific data entry dialog box opened. This data entry box will assist the user in placing the correct data (with the correct case sensitivity) in the correct location on the form or document. This makes for consistent documents as well.  To learn more about our Document Management System (DMS), click here.

The data entry dialog box can be simple with only a couple of items, or it can consist of several fill-in boxes such as below.

Training Materials Templates

Most templates, like lesson plans, have specified Styles which are tied to icons on customized toolbars that make formatting your training materials as simple as possible. This will drastically reduce your word-processing time by simplifying the data entry to the point that even an "Operator" can use it (We try to "sailor-proof" our forms as much as possible)!  Since each facility has their own desired format, we tailor our templates exactly to meet your needs and wishes.

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