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PTT Inc. - Training is our Middle Name

NRC Generic Fundamentals

¡°The feedback we are getting from onshift is that these students are the most fundamentally sound trainees that have come on shift in years. When these men tell you they ¡°¡­ deliver the BEST GFE training in the industry¡­¡± You can believe it!¡±

"We had previously had a class with GFE failures in it (that we taught).  We contracted the next class out and were glad we did.  Bill Foley and Bill Hensley did an excellent job!  100% pass rate!  THANKS!"

"Thanks for your support in teaching the GFE class to our students.  100% pass rate!"


"Once again we continue to get 100% throughput and 100% pass rate using PTT.  THANKS!"


Lesson Material Development
"The materials were great. I think we have a long term opportunity due to the excellent training program you helped develop. Thanks for your help."

Word Template Development

It is a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Bill Foley of Professional Training Technologies, Inc. on a recent job description revision project. We had approximately 320 different job descriptions, each of them being 15-20 pages in length. These job descriptions needed to be reformatted and placed within a template. We were operating within a significantly short time frame of one month.

Mr. Foley was able to complete the project within the one month period and produced a product that was exceptional. We now have an excellent database of job descriptions that we can revise as necessary and have a product for our supervisors that looks consistent and professional.

Mr. Foley met every deadline we established, and in some cases returned some of the job descriptions to us before they were expected. It was indeed a pleasure to work with Mr. Foley and his staff, and I would highly recommend his organization to anyone who is looking for fast, efficient and professional service.

Microsoft Office Computer Training

Here are a few quotes from some of our clients (some Fortune 500):

"The most informative computer training I have received since I moved to Training."

"I NEVER knew PowerPoint could do that!"

"I never learned so much or had so much fun in a computer training class before. The best presentation skills I have ever seen."

"Finally, some Instructor Training that makes Instructors more efficient at their work! THANKS!"

"This is not the same old boring computer training.  WOW!"

PowerPoint Development

"For the March Safety Meeting for the entire Department, I was commissioned to create an enjoyable Power Point presentation, based on the Hollywood Squares theme, to convey important facts about severe weather in Texas. I jumped into the project with gusto, but soon realized that the intricacies of the Hollywood Squares format would exceed my current level of knowledge with the Power Point application.


ENTER THE MICROSOFT APPLICATIONS MASTER.... Bill Foley. Bill graciously agreed to assist me with the special behind the scenes programming needed to make my game work as I wanted it to. He performed this task quickly and then spent the time with me necessary to ensure my understanding of his program. I am deeply in his gratitude for the effort he gave in assisting me with this project. And it was apparently a big hit. I had a number of employees give me positive feedback.

Bill continues to be a super resource for me when I reach impasses in my use of Microsoft Office products. He takes great pride in the courses he teaches and, I would venture to say, is directly responsible for productivity improvements at our company, where Microsoft applications are concerned. I plan to attend a couple of his classes myself, later this year."


"Thanks for sending those examples of animations. I was able to incorporate some of the techniques they demonstrated. Consequently, my presentation was a big hit. Everyone kept asking in amazement, "How did you get PowerPoint to do that?" Since then I've been helping everyone else "spice-up" their presentations. So, here's to you Bill! The knowledge you shared is spreading through our organization and will live forever. Thank you."




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