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Professional Training Technologies, Inc. has been providing nuclear training services for commercial nuclear power since 1997. However, its Vice President, Bill Foley, has been in the nuclear industry since 1977.

William Foley Bill Foley, Vice President, PTT, Inc., spent eight (8) years in the nuclear Navy. He spent two years during his tour of duty as an Instructor at one of the Navy Prototype facilities. He was honorably discharged after eight years of service and went to work in the commercial nuclear power industry. He has successfully completed Senior Reactor Operator certifications for both CE and Westinghouse Pressurized Water Reactors and has been a Training Instructor since 1989. Bill has taught both non-licensed and licensed training in both Classroom and Simulator settings.  He is also a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor.

The past couple of years we have decided to focus most of our attention to the development of training materials for, and the presentation of, Generic Fundamentals Training for License Candidates to successfully pass the NRC GFE exam.  As of November, 2012 we not only have had 100% pass rate of ALL candidates taking the NRC GFE exam, we have also had 100% throughout of ALL candidates starting the GFE program!

Feel free to check out our web page on GFE Training Services/Products: NRC GFE Training Services

Our company provides personnel that are certified to teach SRO training at both Westinghouse and Combustion Engineering plants. This experience includes both classroom and simulator training for all facets of Operations or Instructor Training.

Classroom Training: We particularly specialize in training on systems, theory, and emergency operating procedures, utilizing the latest enhanced learning techniques. This learning is especially enhanced by our development skills regarding the use of colored graphics (especially the use of 11 x 17 "paper-brains"), PowerPoint, and other techniques recognized in TQ-505.

Simulator Training: We specialize in the concept of facilitative learning in simulator training. We place the focus on the crew's ability to critique themselves, resulting in greater buy-in. All of our instructors have been through Advanced Simulator Instructor Training.

Instructor Training: We are also highly qualified to train your instructors in the effective delivery of training. This qualification ranges from the computer skills necessary to develop good "developers", to the soft skills to learn good facilitative techniques, to basic instructor skills necessary to provide training in the adult environment.

Improved Tech Specs Training: We are also experienced in the development and presentation of material associated with the conversion to Improved Tech Specs. This training includes accelerated training techniques such as PowerPoint presentations, use of case study scenarios, and custom examinations to ensure understanding of Improved Tech Specs prior to implementation.

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