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Paper Brains

The following is a summary of the steps included in the development of the 11 x 17 paper brain drawings custom made for your plant systems:

  • Develop approximately 75 - 100 system one-line drawings in full color. (We can use your existing drawings, or colorize your existing drawings, if desired).
  • Place these drawings on an 11 x 17 size paper and include such system-specific information as:
    • System interlocks
    • Component setpoints
    • Tech Specs
    • Alarms, trips
    • Other system-specific data
  • Bind each set into a folder that can easily be accessible. Each drawing can also be laminated, if desired.
  • All drawings are done in the graphics program of your choice. (we specialize in Canvas and Corel Draw)

Individual components of each 11 x 17 drawing can also be cut and pasted into system material figures to be used in your training material.

We look forward to discussing this product with you and customizing a training aid designed to enhance the learning process.

The first drawing is an example of the System Paper Brain, while the second drawing shows a flowchart that is used to graphically represent steps in an Emergency Operating Procedure. The second drawing incorporates Entry/Exit points of the procedure, the Bases for each step, as well as some background information of the procedure.

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Paper Brain

Training Materials Templates

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