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Lesson Material Consolidation Process

Here we discuss the concept of simplifying the training material as much as possible to cut down on the time it takes to revise training material, thus cutting the costs associated with the manpower that material revision takes.

The following is a summary of the process developed by Professional Training Technologies, Inc. to consolidate all of the Operations' training material into a single document (per system):

  • We take each lesson plan and student handout (lesson note, system description, etc.) for a given system for Non-Licensed and Licensed Initial and Requal training and combine them into one document.
  • We then re-draw each system drawing (if necessary) in full color and provide the option of linking each drawing into the document. This way each drawing follows the text that describes it.
  • Once the system information is developed, we then place the required objective and figure information into the right-hand (can also be left hand) column.

That way the student can "see" the system component while reading about it.
(See example below)

We can also develop a PowerPoint Presentation with the associated system drawings. This one file is broken up into four Custom Shows based on the drawings necessary for each discipline

Then the document text is bookmarked into four categories based on the objectives for each discipline.

Once the document is "marked-up", the file is saved as a template. This template is then opened by the instructor, where he/she selects which of the four documents to view, and subsequently print out. (see dialog box below)

When you select one of the four options, the macro will then go through the entire document and "pull-out" the material that was marked up for that section. Once you have the document, you can then save it as a separate document and make minor changes, if necessary. The choice to print out the instructor lesson plan or student handout is done at the "File" menu.

By linking all of the drawings in the document (as well as in the Power Point file), when you make any changes to one of the drawings, as soon as you save it, it will automatically update the lesson document and the PowerPoint file. That way the next person that trains on that system will have the latest information to work with!

As you can see from this brief discussion, these processes can be used to "get your arms around the word-processing giant" that tends to bog down the training process.

The following are the benefits associated with this process:

  • Lower lesson material maintenance costs
  • One single document to maintain for each system (can be assigned to an SME)
  • Each drawing is linked to both the system document as well as the PowerPoint file so if a revision is made to a drawing, it will automatically update the presentation and lesson document.
  • Only one file must be maintained for each system, not the eight described above.
  • Simpler tracking necessary to incorporate changes to system material.
  • A consistent, quality product with full color to enhance classroom training. This is especially effective when combined with a customized computer-aided PowerPoint classroom presentation.

Once you maximize your computer efficiency, you WILL maximize your profits!

Our company also provides all the training necessary for your staff to maintain the processes and materials mentioned above.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss these products with you in the near future. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.