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NRC GFE Fundamentals Training Classes

Professional Training Technologies, Inc. has been providing GFE Fundamentals training at PWRs for more than 10 years.  We have developed a variety of teaching aids that compliment your existing GFE training materials, such as:

  • Weekly exams using the latest NRC GFE Exambanks (we use LXRTest)
  • Daily review quizzes on each of the twenty-six NRC topics
  • Sample GFE exams that conform to the current NRC GFE Sample Plan requirements (ES-205)
  • PowerPoint CBT quizzes that can be used as "pre-tests" (or requal)
  • 11 x 17 full color "paper brains" for each of the 26 GFE topics
  • Turning Point software to track daily progress of student material comprehension
  • NRC GFE Exambank Solutions files organized in an easy-to-use format

Our curriculum schedule usually consists of seven (7) weeks of classes and one (1) week of GFE preparation quizzes.  This schedule can be modified as needed depending on whether or not you own the General Physics GFE materials.

We will also provide you with a complete "key-word" searchable NRC GFE Exambank in LXR Test, which includes six (6) complete sample GFE Tests.  We use this tool to generate all of our exams.

One additional benefit of using our turn-key GFE service is this allows your staff time to focus on prepping/revising your Systems and/or Simulator materials.  This 8-week period of "prep time" can result in you being able to support your Initial License class with one less instructor, making this decision even more cost-beneficial!

For more information (or to obtain samples), please contact us at: info@pttinc.com.   Thank you for your interest in our products/services.  We guarantee our work and continue to receive positive feedback from our License Candidates/Clients.