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Creating a Document Management System in Word

This white paper is provided by Bill Foley, Professional Training Technologies, Inc.
The key to an efficient run business is to have everyone doing the same thing using the same tools, especially in the office setting. How many times have you looked for a form that your company uses on a regular basis and can't find it? Wouldn't it be nice if you had all your forms available at a click of a mouse while you are working in Word? This is what this FAQ is about. Keep in mind that the skills necessary to create templates for re-use is assumed here and not covered in this document. The Word MVP FAQ has additional FAQ for that purpose and if you are not proficient with creating on-line forms or templates, please visit the following link then come back to this page: Creating On-Line Forms

Table of Contents

Overview of DMS Template File

Modifying the Template File

Recognizing VBA
Overview Of UserFormDMS Form Code
UserFormDMS Form Design Specifics
Renaming/Adding TABs

Adding a New Button to Your Form

Renaming an Existing Form

Deleting an Existing Form

UserFormDMS.dot File Specifics
Summary of DMS Instructions

To download a sample of the above document management system, click here. Be sure to read the "ReadMeFirst.txt" file included in the zipped file. It will provide instructions to get you started.

Read the White Paper (to download, right-click and select "Save Target as...")