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Document Conversions

Have you tried to convert a complex document from Word Perfect to Word, only to find that the "converted" document is unmanageable? You cannot simply open the WordPerfect document in Word, save it as a "doc" file, and expect it to be useable!

We at Professional Training Technologies, Inc. understand your frustration. That is why we have dedicated an entire department to developing templates in Word that make the conversion of your WordPerfect documents easier and quicker.

Our staff will take your existing WordPerfect document; develop a template in Word that looks and acts exactly like your existing document (or form). Once we have confirmation from your staff that our "template" meets your specifications, we take your existing electronic WordPerfect documents and convert each one to Word. Once the documents are converted, maintaining them is simple because of the style/option buttons that we create and place on a custom toolbar.

Document Conversions

Do you have very complex documents that you feel Word can not duplicate? Or a large amount of simple forms requiring conversion. No matter the size or complexity of your job, PTT can assist you.

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