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ASER Program Review Evaluation Plan (PREP)

Bill and Brenda Foley decided to combine their Academic and Technical talents in the Commercial Nuclear Power Industry and form a team available to come in and formulate a plan to assist your team in the assessment of your training program(s). We call this process PREP. The following is a brief synopsis of our ASER PREP:

  • We come to your facility for a 1 - 2 day Pre-ASER review. At this time we review your previous ASER, as well as look over any internal reviews performed since your last Accreditation Report.

  • We take a copy of your previous ASER, along with information gathered during the visit and formulate an interview program specific to your plant. We also make note of areas of concern and formulate a game plan to improve on those areas during our next visit.

  • We come back (usually in 2 -3 weeks) and perform our own outside assessment. This review usually lasts one week. During this visit we interview your staff, review the associated program(s) documentation, review associated training materials and procedures, and gather any other pertinent material to assist us in providing our Pre-ASER report.

  • Next we take this data to our office and formulate a personalized report on your strengths and concerns that need addressing and/or documenting in writing the ASER. (We also provide the service of writing the ASER, however, we feel as though this should be your responsibility - The "S" does mean SELF!)

  • Once the ASER is written and reviewed by your staff, we come back and perform another series of interviews to ensure that your staff is up to speed on your ASER, and ready to field the expected questions during the Accreditation Team Visit.

We feel that our experience in the development and maintenance of various types of training programs in our combined 45 years of experience make us an ideal team to assist you in the successful completion of your Accreditation renewal process.

We will be more than happy to talk with you about designing your specialized PREP. Thank you once again for taking the time to review this information. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future. To request additional information from our "Programs" Department please contact us at programs@pttinc.com.